Jasper Johns

American flags appear in several famous paintings from contemporary artist Jasper Johns

Artist Jasper Johns spent much of the 1950s and 1960s concentrating on several key symbols in his work that continue to be what he is probably best known for, with a frequent use of flags, maps, targets, stencilled words and numbers.

The flag series is believed to have been inspired by a dream of a flag that Jasper Johns had earlier in his career. The style used by this imaginative contemporary artist is often classified as Neo-Dadaist or sometimes Pop Art.

There can be clear comparisons to the work of Andy Warhol who himself would take symbols from the media and repeat them frequently, with slight alterations to the image each time.

The most famous Neo-Dadaists include Genpei Akasegawa, John Chamberlain, Jim Dine, Kommissar Hjuler, Yves Klein, George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Ushio Shinohara and Robert Rauschenberg, so Jasper Johns is certainly in good artistic company when being linked to this very select group of modern artists.

There are great similarities between Pop Art and Neo-Dadaism as both can involve the use of modern materials, popular and iconic imagery, and absurdist contrast.

Fluxus and Nouveau réalisme are two other related art movements that also share similarities to some of the artists mentioned here.

Jasper Johns is a typical contemporary artist who would experiment with all sorts of unusual mixed media to achieve his finished works and would never settle on a standard combination of art mediums for several works in a row.

In 1998, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York purchased Jasper Johns' White Flag for a price believed to be over $20m.

Then following this, in 2006 False Start was bought by a private collector for $80 million which made it immediately the most expensive painting by a living artist at that time.

The achievement of this work probably underlines more the importance of this artist rather than any great qualities within this specific painting over his others.

Those interested in studying more of Jasper Johns' paintings will be pleased to learn that much of his art up to now is on display within art institutions across the United States, with the largest collection being held at the National Gallery of Art who hold around 1,700 art work pieces from right across the breadth of his career up to the modern day.

American Flag paintings are a popular part of the career of American contemporary artist Jasper Johns. This website covers Jasper Johns' American Flag series in full and discusses their role within the career of this impressive artist.

There is also some mention of other important Jasper Johns paintings as well which include Numbers, Map, Stenciled Words, 0 through 9 and White Flag.

Jasper Johns has produced several different versions of the American Flag within his work, and the best known are included below for your interest. The best two feature a slightly rough, abstract version of it plus another which includes three lying on top of each other.

The success of this series is down to several reasons, firstly and most importantly is the strong patriotism of the American public who are often very keen on this iconic symbol of their proud country.

The colours within the flag also make it a popular choice as well as the skilled contemporary approach of artist Jasper Johns.

Johns is a very popular artist within the United States and his reputation has also spread to major artistic centres like UK and mainland Europe.

Recent years have seen Jasper Johns reduce his output to a norm of only around 4 or 5 paintings per year, and he has on occasion produced none at all in some extended periods.

Jasper Johns is an artist who has achieved a reputation of such high standing that he can now concentrate entirely on quality and in creating specific works exactly as he intends, with true artistic license.

Many of his creations now come in large-scale sizes which seems to be his prefered style now. This low productivity also means the existing paintings from his career will be even more sought after in coming years.

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Three Flags

Three Flags

0 Through 9

0 Through 9

List of Famous Jasper Johns Paintings

Please see below for a collection of the finest titles produced by Jasper Johns up to now.

  • Flag
  • Maps
  • Numbers
  • Stencilled Words
  • White Flag
  • Target with Plaster Casts
  • False Start
  • Three Flags
  • Coathanger
  • Painting With Two Balls
  • Painted Bronze
  • Device
  • Periscope (Hart Crane)
  • The Critic Sees
  • Study for Skin
  • Figure Five
  • Voice
  • Skull
  • Tantric Detail
  • Seasons
  • Numbers in Color
  • Titanic

Jasper Johns Artwork